Claire Walsh


BACP post Accreditation as an Integrated Therapist/Counsellor
CBT & Person Centered Counselling Diploma
Counselling skills
Counselling Studies
Counselling Theories
Advanced post Diploma in person centered Couples counselling
Shamanic Practitioner
Reiki Master
RNLD – Nurse for Learning Disabilities

Various other workshops/courses for further development such as counselling our dreams, colour therapy, first aid, dealing with grief and loss, trauma and the body, dissociative disorders and psychosomatic work etc etc

Experience – I work as;
An integrated counsellor/therapist and have 9 years of experience.
A Reiki Master both treating and teaching and have 10 years of experience.
A Shamanic Practitioner, both treating and teaching and have 3 years of experience.
A meditation teacher, angel worker/teacher and mindfulness teacher and I have 9 years of experience.

In today’s world we seem to separate ourselves into parts, compartmentalizing our jobs, our home and our social lives and even within ourselves we think of our physical self, emotional self and spiritual self as separate parts. It’s no wonder we can often feel lost or incomplete and the treatments generally offered are for one part only, such as a doctor for the physical, a counsellor for the emotional and a priest or equivalent for our spirit. Whilst I am an advocate of all these roles we must recognise that they generally treat only one part of us and we are so much more than that.
My role is helping people to realise all that they are and all that they can be. Helping them to see their whole self and to feel completed and empowered. It is done without judgement and in a grounded, let’s keep it real kinda way!
From my qualifications above you can see what I do and how I work. I love what I do – I love helping people recover, release what’s no longer useful and finally realise their own sense of worth. In some small way I hope to help you do this on the retreat.

Little facts and quirks:

My husband and I share the same birthday, same year.
I am a mum to 2 girls aged 18 and 17.
I am (very slowly) learning to play the clarinet
I love to write – anything and everything and have over 70 poems published in various anthologies
My shamanic name is Fire Motif
I like my tea white and weak with no sugar (take note ; – )

Clem Turner


Diploma in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy
Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate
NCFE Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
S.A.C. Dip (Stress Management)
Diploma in Applied Psychology

Experience – I work as:
A qualified therapist and have been treating clients for over 16 years.

People often underestimate themselves believing that either they are not enough or they don’t have the skills or strength necessary to achieve their goals.
My work is all about showing people that they ‘are’ worthy and they ‘can’ do anything they put their mind to, whether it be swimming the channel (which several of my clients have achieved) or getting on that plane and feeling comfortable after years of being terrified of flying.

I am so passionate about helping people to be the best that they can be and absolutely love what I do. I am naturally optimistic which comes through in my work as a therapist and even in everyday life. People always say I have a smile on my face. When helping people I use a variety of accredited techniques and will be using those skills on this retreat with you. Can’t wait to meet you there!

Little Facts and Quirks
Cooking is one of my passions
I love motor cycling
I enjoy caravanning when I have time
I am very open minded and always searching for new techniques to further help my clients

Mags Turner


Diploma in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy
Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate
NCFE Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
CRSST (smoking cessation) Accredited Practitioner

Experience – I work as:

A qualified therapist and have been helping clients since 2006

In this ever changing world there is a lot of uncertainty, doubt and stress. People no longer have time for themselves as they are often caught in a cycle of work, doing things for others and then sleep. Many of the 1:1 clients I see are suffering in this way and my goal is always to help that client see that there is a different way to do things which makes them see that ‘time for me’ is so important. Helping clients in this way gives me an enormous sense of achievement and I absolutely love what I do. This retreat will help people to slow down and be kind to themselves and the coping skills we will teach will enhance people’s lives forever.

Little Facts and Quirks
I enjoy gardening, motor cycling and caravanning
I am always keen to learn new techniques and treatments
I am currently studying for a diploma in Naturopathy

(Mags is also the person you will be speaking to if you have any enquiries, need directions or you want to book your place at our retreats).

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