During the retreat you will be invited to book in for a FREE 1:1 session (one per delegate) with one of our professional therapists. The treatments they offer are as follows:

(EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique is based on energy psychology and can be thought of as non-invasive acupuncture. By tapping on certain acupressure points on the face, body and hands it releases negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. It can help release fears and phobias, emotional blockages and also cravings.

Supporting Life Changes Session
Using a goal stepping approach we will examine what you want from life and where you are going in life. We will then begin to identify your blocks and look at strategies to overcome these. We will then devise a personalised care plan for you to take away with you.


(NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming can help to increase motivation and creates focus on what you do want, eliminating what you don’t want. It helps to break down mental barriers and gives you a vision of the future you desire. It is a great way to change negative behaviour.

Reiki is a gentle and non invasive way of working with universal energy. It is used to help the body and mind come back to a place of balance. In this state of balance our bodies and minds are better able to heal and function.
For most people reiki is a deeply relaxing experience that just helps you to feel calmer and more grounded.

Hypnotherapy – We have two parts to our mind, the conscious part which thinks, learns things, and makes decisions, and the subconscious mind which is your automatic part, think of it as a storehouse of memories and habits but it doesn’t think.
Just as we learn good habits like walking, speaking a language or driving, we also learn bad habits which can result in many different problems and issues, including anxiety, stress, panic attacks, fears and phobias, weight issues, pain, and more.

By using Hypnotherapy we can talk to the subconscious part of the mind with a view to persuading it to overwrite any outdated, unwanted habits. Our methods can not only help you to change habits but will help you to feel mentally calmer, more relaxed, more confident and also more positive in your everyday life.

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